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Clipped & Flowering Balls, Domes & Spheres

Our selection of topiary balls make stylish feature plants by themselves; or you can combine them in pairs at entrances, gates and garages; line pathways and steps; or plant them in corners and at ends of Instant Hedge.

Please refer to our Current Availability List for the current selection, sizes and prices.

Topiary Ball - Pohutukawa - Metrosideros Tahiti
Topiary Ball - Pittosporum Golf Ball
Corokia Ball- Corokia Geentys Ghost

Mini Pohutukawa Ball
Metrosideros "Tahiti"

Pittosporum "Golf Ball"
Pittosporum ten. "Golf Ball"

Silver Corokia Ball
XL Ball/Globe (70cm)
Corokia Geentys Ghost

Box Holly Ball - Ilex crenata Helleri
Topiary Ball - Box - Buxus sempervirens
Topiary Ball - Silver Germander - Teucrium fruticans

Box Holly Ball
Ilex crenata "Helleri"

Box Topiary Balls
Buxus sempervirens

Silver Germander Ball
Teucrium fruticans more info...

Manuka Ball - Leptospermum
Bay Laurel Ball - Laurus nobilis
Muehlenbeckia astonii Domes

Manuka Ball

Bay Laurel Ball
Laurus nobilis

Wirey Bronze Muehlenbeckia Domes
Muehlenbeckia astonii

Beautiful Flowering Balls:

Hydrangea Schnaderdorf Pearl
Hydrangea Vorster
Hydrangea Bridal Bouquet

Pearly Pink Mophead Hydrangea
Hydrangea "Schnaderdorf Pearl"

Cerise Mophead Hydrangea
Hydrangea mac. "Vorster"

White Mophead Hydrangea
Hydrangea mac. "Bridal Bouquet"