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NZ Native Topiary

Here is a selection of our "contemporary classics" - NZ native plants trained into traditional plant designs, and developed to suit Wellington's balconies & gardens.

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Corokia Topiary Ball in Versailles Planter Box - Corokia Frosted Chocolate
Pohutukawa Tree Topiary - Metrosideros excelsa Vibrance
Griselinia Espalier - Griselinia littoralis

Chocolate Corokia Ball -
looking fabulous in a white
Versailles Planter Box
Corokia “Frosted Chocolate”

Pohutukawa Tree
Triple Ball Topiaries
Metrosideros excelsa

NZ Native Broadleaf
Evergreen Espalier
Griselinia littoralis

Hebe Ball Topiary - Hebe diosmafolia
Pittosporum Ball Topiary - Pittosporum Golf Ball
Clematis Frame Topiary - Clematis paniculata

NZ Native Hebe Star Ball
Hebe diosmafolia
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Pittosporum "Golf Ball"
Pittosporum ten. "Golf Ball"

NZ Native Clematis
Frame Standard
Clematis paniculata

Manuka Ball - Leptospermum
Topiary Cone - Native Corokia Gentys Green
Muehlenbeckia astonii Domes

Manuka Ball

Native Corokia Cone
Corokia "Gentys Green"

Wirey Bronze Muehlenbeckia Domes
Muehlenbeckia astonii"

Topiary Cone - Corokia Frosted Chocolate
Pohutukawa Standard - Metrosideros excelsa
Corokia Ball- Corokia Geentys Ghost

Chocolate Corokia Cone
Corokia "Frosted Chocolate"

NZ Native Christmas Tree
Pohutukawa Standard
Metrosideros excelsa

Silver Corokia Ball
XL Ball/Globe (70cm)
Corokia Geentys Ghost