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Abelia "Snowtime" &
"Snow Showers"

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Abelia "Snowtime"
Abelia "Snowtime"
Abelia "Snowtime"
Abelia "Snowtime"
Abelia "Snowtime"
Abelia "Snow Showers"
Abelia "Snow Showers"

Shapes & Sizes Available:


Flowering balls - 30-45cm diameter 4.7 - 15L pots (pictured)

Hedgelings - cutting sized approx 10cm tall

Please check our Availability List for current stock.& prices 



General temperate climate - not coastal/wind hardy. Ok in full sun - part shade.



Abelia "Snowtime"

Evergreen, glossy dark green foliage, with bronze stems. New leaf growth light green with bronze tones. Masses of white flowers in spring. Small growing cultivar - ultimate size approx 1m. Good alternative to Buxus.

Abelia "Snow Showers"

Delicate variegated green & white leaves, bringing lightness into the garden. Looks great against a dark backdrop, and suitable to plants in dappled shade. Very pretty.


Design Ideas:


Abelia  "Snowtime"

Mixes beautifully with bronze & lime green foliage, and white; green and light pink flowers. Balls en mass, or to give structure to a foliage or flower border. Mix balls with Mulehenbeckia axillaris, Buxus "Green Gem", Japanese Box Holly, Pittosporum "Golf Ball", Corokia "Frosted Chocolate".

Abelia Snow Showers"

Plant under deciduous trees and mix with dark green balls like Raphiolepis "Fergusonii", Sweet Winter Box, Japanese Box, and Pittosporum "Golfball".



Easy care. Moderately fast growing, trim quarterly.

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