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Polygala "Petite Butterfly"

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Shapes & Sizes Available:


Flowering Balls (small) - 25cm diameter in 2.4L pots

Flowering Balls (medium) - 30 cm diameter in 4.7L pots

Flowering Balls (medium+) - 40cm diameter in 6L pots (pictured)

Please check our Availability List for current stock & prices


General temperate climate - not coastal/wind hardy. Ok in full sun - part shade.



Evergreen, small growing compact cultivar - growing to approx 1m. Beautiful glaucous coloured leaves and violet coloured pea flowers, spring - autumn. Very beautiful.


Design Ideas:


Mix with deciduous plants for a bit of evergreen structure eg Hydrangeas, OK in pots or planted in the ground. Mix balls with Buxus "Green Gem", Japanese Box Holly, Pittosporum "Golf Ball", Silver Germander, Westringia "Aussie Box" & "Naringa", Corokia "Geentys Green", and Hydrangeas!



Easy care. Moderate growing, trim quarterly if desired - but naturally grows in a general moundy shape.

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