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Chinese Star Jasmine |

Trachelospermum jasminoides

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Shapes & Sizes Available:


Climber on 80cm-1m tall canes 

Please check our Availablity List for current stock & prices



General temperate climate - not coastal/wind hardy. Ok in full sun - part shade.



Evergreen, with dark green leaves and masses of fragrant white flowers in summer. The best climber for training over wires - as it can be trained & trimmed to give even coverage along the entire wire. Small plants are slow to get started, which is why we recomend starting off with larger plants, saving years of waiting.


Design Ideas:


Train into any pattern on wires against walls - but be sure to leave enough space to see the pattern as the climbers fill out, and looks best against a contrasting coloured wall to make the pattern stand out.



Easy care. Slow growing to start with; moderately fast growing once established, up to 0.5m/year. Trim in August before spring growth, and again after flowering. Click here to follow our detailed guide on how to train Jasmine Espaliers

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