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Buxus hybrid "Green Gem"

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Shapes & Sizes Available:


Balls (medium) - 30/40cm diameter 15L pots (pictured)

Balls (large) - 45/50cm diameter 30L pots

Hedgelings - small cutting sized plants approx 10cm tall (pictured)

Please check our Availablity List for current stock & prices. 



Tolerates a wide range of conditions - but best not to plant Buxus in continuously wet, damp, or full shade situations.



Glossy green leaves, a bit rounder than the more common Buxus sempervirens, and one of the most disease resistant varieties.


Design Ideas:


A fresh green, good looking Buxus. Works well in classic green & white gardens as well as more contemporary &  native gardens. OK in pots or planted in the ground. Mix balls with anything!



Has a more open habit than Buxus sempervirens, which is probably why it is more disease resistant; and becomes denser with regular trimming. Follow our detailed care guide for Buxus

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