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Silver Germander |

Teucrium fruticans

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Shapes & Sizes Available:


Flowering Balls - 25cm diameter 4.7L pots

Hedgelings - small cutting sized plants approx 10cm tall

Please check our Availability List for current stock & prices


Coastal/wind hardy. Ok in full sun - part shade.



Evergreen, with beautiful duck egg coloured leaves, white stems, and pretty mauve flowers in spring. Very fast growing - but there's no other leaf colour like it


Design Ideas:


Mix with deciduous plants for a bit of evergreen structure eg Hydrangeas, OK in pots for a year or 2, or planted in the ground. Mix balls with Pittosporum "Golf Ball", Polygala "Petite Butterfly". Corokia "Geentys Green", Westringia "Aussie Box" & "Naringa", and Buxus "Green Gem".



Easy care. Fast growing, trim monthly to quarterly depending on how sharp you want it to look, Gets denser with trimming.  Pot up into larger pots every couple of years. Hard trim & fertilise to rejuvenate.

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