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Shapes & Sizes Available:


Bridal Bouquet, Limelight & Viking 

Medium - 30-35cm in 8.5L pots

Large - 45cm in 15L pots

XL - 70cm in 30L pots 

Please check our Availability List for current stock & prices - we have lots of other colours & varieties in large sizes.



General temperate climate. Prefers part sun - shade, and needs plenty of water through summer



Big beautiful flowers late spring & summer, drying off to faded beauty in autumn. Deciduous in winter - so mix with evergreens. Great picking flowers.


Design Ideas:


Really beautiful in the garden or in pots. Can be maintained to size in pots by hard pruning in winter. 



Easy care. Prune in August, feed generously, and water well through summer. Follow our care guide for Hydrangeas

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