Plant Nursery & Catalogue 

We grow and supply a wide range of pruned & trained plants that give structure & style to the garden.


We have lots of pictures of the plants that we regularly stock; plus we publish an Availability List online which shows all our current stock, sizes and prices. You can search the list by any key word.


We often have plants in a range of sizes; and the price will depend on the size, age, and how long it took to train it into a particular shape.


Not on the list? Please ask, and we may be able to find what you’re after or suggest an alternative.

Boxwood & Buxus Topiary
A wide selection of all shapes & sizes in traditional Boxwood, Buxus sempervirens and Buxus "Green Gem"
Native Plant Topiary
Edible & Aromatic Topiary
Balls & Domes
Trees to Pleach + Standards
Jasmines to Espalier
Ivy trained on Frames
Strappy Edging
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