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Buxus "Graham Blandy"

aka Buxus "Greenpeace"

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Shapes & Sizes Available:

Columns (medium) - 50-60cm tall pb6 - 8.5L pots (pictured)

Columns (large) - 80cm tall pb8 - 8.5L pots

Columns (XL) - 1.2m tall 30L pots

Please check our Availablity List for current stock & prices



Tolerates a wide range of conditions - but best not to plant Buxus in continuously wet, damp, full shade situations.



Tall slim naturally shaped columns, up to 2m tall. Evergreen.


Design Ideas:


Great for structure and formality in amongst looser plantings. OK in pots or planted in the ground.



Slow growing, trim to tidy up in August and January. Follow our detailed care guide for Buxus. 

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