Small & Strappy

These plants are available in small sizes, for bulk planting and edging.


Strappy plants look great in front of hedges and inbetween pavers. They soften the lines between planting and hard surfaces - where paths & paving meet borders & beds - and around the base of standards in pots. Larger growing plants are also suitable for growing on banks and under trees.


Other plants are available eg Flaxes, Ferns, Grasses, Renga Renga Lilies, Libertias, Liriopes, Clivias and Wild Iris Dietes grandiflora. 


Please refer to our Current Availability List for the current selection, sizes and prices. Plant around 8/m for Mondo Grasses. 


Minimum order 20 plants.

Mondo Grasses & look-alike Miniature Agapanthus:

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