Services & Prices: we design + supply + install + maintain

We provide a full range of garden services, depending on what you need.

We can provide master garden plans, landscaping layouts, and planting plans; covering hard landscaping, planting and garden furnishing. We also advise owners and can work with architects and contractors through your build, then supply & install the garden.

I. Design Consultations


Just need some advice and inspiration? We can meet with you on an hourly basis.

Price Guide: 

Consultations - $150 for the first hour, minimum charge, then $95/hr thereafter plus $45 site visit/travel + GST.

II. Garden Designs & Plans


Have an area that needs development, a refresh or upgrade? Starting with a blank canvas, looking at changing it up, or doing house renovations?

We can provide master garden plans, landscaping layouts, and planting plans covering design concepts, hard landscaping, planting and garden furnishing.


Note, this could be a garden design for a smaller garden refurbishment; through to a set of plans for a more extensive project (master plan concept, supported by a hard landscaping layout and planting plan).


Price Guide:

Site plan (if needed) - provided by owner or commissioned


Small projects < $20k

Garden Design $1,750/area + GST


Medium projects $20-50k

Hard Landscaping Layout $1,750/area + GST

Planting Plan $1,750/area + GST


Large projects > $50k

Design Concept, Landscaping Layout & Planting Plan $5,000 +GST

III. Sourcing & Supplies (Wellington customers)


We will do our best to find you the best value plants (taking into account availability, growth rates, price, size & quality). We can also source stylish pots, as well as outdoor garden furniture, and other gardening items. We will arrange for delivery to your site. Service available to Wellington customers only.


Price Guide:
10% of supplies + GST & deliveries

IV. Installation


We can meet with contractors, suppliers and gardeners, as needed, to work through the detailing and any issues arising  to complete your project.


Price Guide:
Installation meetings - $95/hour + GST & travel

V. Follow Up


We like to check on all of our garden projects, shortly after installation. We then recommend regular checks in September & February, especially while gardens are getting established.

Price Guide:

Checkups - $95/hour + GST & travel

VI. Garden Management & Maintanence


We can manage your garden, and develop it over time to help reach its potential. We will provide an annual management plan, and will then work with your gardener, or our recommended gardeners, to follow through on the plan.


Price Guide:
Garden Management Plan - $150 + GST (existing customers)
Garden Management Plan / Renovation - $1,750 + GST (new customers)
Annual review meeting with owners - $150 + GST & travel

Supervision of gardeners - $95/hr + GST & travel

Recommended gardeners - $45 - 65/hour + GST

VII. Free First "Meet & Greet"


Please contact us if you are interested in our garden design services. We are happy to meet with you on site to discuss ideas and options before you decide if you would like to proceed further with a plan. This free first meeting is available to customers in central Wellington.

Garden Design Outside of Wellington?


Live outside Wellington and would like us to design your garden? We'd be honoured, but it’s not something we can do by email as we prefer to meet with you and visit on site.


Price Guide:
Normal plan prices + $300+GST daily charge, plus travel & accommodation costs (if required)

Gift Vouchers Available


Gift vouchers are available for plants and services.

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