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Japanese Box Holly |

Ilex crenata "Helleri"

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Japanese Box Holly
Japanese Box Holly
Japanese Box Holly
Ilex crenata "Helleri"
Ilex crenata "Helleri"

Shapes & Sizes Available:


Balls (small) - 25cm diameter 4.7L pots (pictured)

Balls (medium) - 30-35cm diameter 6L pots

Hedgelings - small cutting sized plants approx 10cm tall

Please check our Availability List for current stock & prices



General temperate climate. Ok in full sun - part shade.



Small dark green leaves & a good alternative to Buxus. Will grow up to 1m tall.


Design Ideas:


Works with classic green & white gardens as well as more contemporary native gardens. OK in pots or planted in the ground. Mix balls with Polygala "Petite Butterfly", Buxus "Green Gem", Pittosporum "Golf Ball", Silver Germander, Corokia "Green Gem", Westringia "Aussie Box" & "Naringa".



Easy care. Moderate growing, trim quarterly.