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Looking after Ivy Topiary grown over Frames

English Ivy is a climber, and can be trained over a wire frame into many shapes.


They are very low maintenance and trouble free, and can last for years in pots at your front door - as long as you remember to feed and water them!




Ivy grows almost anywhere - but is particularly well suited to shade and situations where other plants struggle to survive. I started growing Ivy over frames to create decorative features at front doors, which are often under cover and in the shade.



Ivy is evergreen and looks good year round.



Best time to prune


You can prune and tidy it up any time of year. During the training stage, you can twist the ivy stems around your wire frame, and then around neighbouring branches to create a web of growth. As the frame fills in, you can prune Ivy like a topiary - shearing off any unwanted growth.



Feeding & watering

Feed Ivies in pots, as you would any other pot plant - using the correct pot fertiliser every 3-4 months.

Ivies just need a regular amount of water, not a lot. The main thing to remember is to water them once a week, year round, if they are under cover as they won't be getting any rain. And don't forget to water through winter!


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