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Plant Files:

Pittosporum "Golfball"

Also available Pittosporum "Silverball" & Pittosporum "Goldenball"

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Shapes & Sizes Available:


Balls (medium) - 30/40cm diameter 15L pots

Pittosporum "Goldenball" & "Silverball" (pictured) also available.

Please check Availablity List for current stock & prices



NZ native & well suited to a wide range of NZ conditions. Ok in full sun - part shade.



Compact round growing evergreen, with fresh green glossy leaves. Maintains a general ball shape. Grows up to 1m.


Design Ideas:


Works well in contemporary native gardens; and mixed ball borders. OK in pots or planted in the ground. Mix balls with anything!



Easy care. Moderate growing, trim quarterly as needed to tidy up.

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