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Great Gardens

Registered Master Builders House of the Year, Carol Bucknell, 2016

Who says you need loads of space to make a good garden?

“Adding foliage and layers of texture, pattern and colours brought this garden to life,” says Rachael Matthews of Wellington’s Hedge Garden Design and Nursery. Rachael worked with TSE: Wallace Architects on the landscaping of this renovated house in Thorndon, Wellington. Plants include boxwood balls and dark red Cercis ‘Forest Pansy’ in the foreground, with its burgundy foliage repeated in potted copper beech, which provides height and privacy.


A touch of art adds character to your garden. “Sculpture needs to be in a main sight line viewed from the garden or from inside the house,” says Rachael Matthews of Hedge Garden Design and Nursery. This garden features a quirky artwork topped with succulent ‘hair’ (Sedum mexicana ‘Acapulco Gold’) that’s planted among pale pink carpet roses. The solidity of the statue surrounded by blowsy flowers enhances its femininity, says Rachael.

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